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Holly Lewis Hudley

Holly is a native Houstonian with a long career in the arts, mental health, and education. She went to The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and, after college, ran a printmaking studio in the Heights. Simultaneously, she began teaching and wound up getting her degree in Human Development and Psycology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Since then, she has been an educator, counselor and consultant for educational programs interested in growing Social Emotional learning and restorative practices. In 2011, she worked on the design of her home and began a collaboration with McIntyre + Robinowitz doing interior design work on successive projects.


Holly is interested in understanding systems, and how individuals work together to create healthy, inclusive communities. Having worked in the intersection of philanthropy and social/racial justice, she seeks to align funding with community driven ideas. She is also a mother of three boys, a hobbyist woodworker, an artist and writer, and a perpetual learner, currently working towards a PhD in Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness.

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