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Our programs are focused on helping low-income immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers navigate the complicated and ever-changing U.S. immigration legal system.  By providing high-quality, low-cost immigration legal services, we are helping create a more equitable society, removing barriers to employment and increasing economic stability for low-income individuals and families.


Since our inception, we have served 1,189 individuals, comprised of 519 men, 484 women, and 186 children. 


Working in partnership with our immigrant community and faith leaders, Justice For All Immigrants organizes and hosts monthly citizenship clinics and workshops to attract, educate, and serve qualified immigrants pursuing legal status.


Through the clinics and workshops, we highlight the potential benefits of citizenship and empower immigrants to overcome any existing barriers that may be keeping them from applying for relief.

To learn more about the programs we offer please click on the program name below:

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