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February 2024 Newsletter: Celebrating Love, Cultivating Laughter

Dear Friend,

As we leave the essence of February, a month often symbolized by love and harmony, I want to thank each of you for your unyielding support of our work. In recent months, we've glimpsed into challenges in our country's immigrant and refugee communities, which have tested our courage and highlighted the power of unity and solidarity. Our collective efforts have proven that when we stand together, we can overcome obstacles. It is a reminder that love, not hate, should be the foundation of our society. 

This ethos of solidarity is the driving force behind our upcoming event, Laughs for Legal Aid. This event is not only a celebration; it represents our commitment to live in peace with immigrant communities. Your participation and support in this event will not only bring smiles but will also provide crucial legal aid to those who need it the most. Let's continue building a community where everyone is celebrating love and care and cultivating laughter and compassion.


With Gratitude,

Joy Green,

Executive Director



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