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January 2024 Newsletter: Laugh with a Purpose: Support Our Immigrant Community

Dear Friends,

As 2024 unfolds, I am filled with gratitude. At Justice for all Immigrants (JFAI), our path is illuminated by your strong support and the resilience of the individuals we serve. This year, our commitment is more vital than ever as we continue to provide high-quality legal services for the immigrant community. Our newsletter will be a vibrant showcase of inspiring stories reflecting our impactful work.

Looking ahead, we are excited about our "Laughs for Legal Aid" event, blending fun with fundraising to support our cause. We will also educate our immigrant community about crucial subjects such as Know Your Rights to ensure the community's safety and preservation. Your support is essential to our mission. Together, we are building a stronger community. Thank you for standing with us.


With gratitude,

Joy GreenExecutive Director



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