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June 2024 Newsletter: Two Years Later, Maria and Ronaldo's Wishes Come True

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our work is the most rewarding when we see our clients, like Brandon's family, achieve their desired outcomes through our dedicated legal services. Brandon's parents, Maria and Ronaldo, recently obtained the crucial legal documents for his medical treatment, a significant milestone in their journey. Their story, a testament to the impact we strive to make, is a vivid example of how our efforts can transform lives.

As we step into the Summer of 2024, we reflect on the momentous occasions we've celebrated: Juneteenth, Father's Day, Pride, Refugee Month, and the Biden Administration’s Parole-In-Place policy. These events are not just dates on the calendar but reminders of the better future we aspire to create for families like Brandon's under the protection of this country. 

We must acknowledge that our success is not ours alone but the collective and a testament to the power of this kind of community. The generous support, love, and care from our donors and volunteers fuel our work and enable us to bring about positive change. Your ongoing contributions bring joy to families, optimism to our work, and happier lives to our community. Together, we can continue to make a profound difference in the lives of immigrant families.

With Gratitude,

Joy GreenExecutive Director


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