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Maria and Ronaldo's Wishes: A Family's Quest for Medical Care and Stability

Maria followed her husband, Ronaldo, to the United States in 2022, seeking medical treatment for their youngest son, Brandon, who has a severe mobile disability. They had struggled to find help for him in Mexico. Ronaldo, already a permanent resident, was working in the United States to support his family. Fortunately, Brandon received treatment at Children’s Rehabilitation Institute Teleton USA, a center for children with severe disabilities. During that time, the family connected with JFAI.

Before contacting JFAI, Ronaldo faced challenges in petitioning for his family. As non-citizens, they had to travel to Mexico for interviews—an expensive and taxing journey, especially with Brandon's condition. This was only possible if Ronaldo could become a citizen first, which was also costly. Maria couldn't work due to her caregiving duties, and Ronaldo's income barely covered their needs.

Daniella, JFAI's attorney, learned about their financial constraints and tirelessly advocated for their cause. JFAI represented them pro bono while Teleton covered the immigration filing fees. This allowed Ronaldo to pursue citizenship and petition for his family, ensuring Brandon received better medical care. Ronaldo passed his citizenship test on the first try.

With JFAI's assistance, the family has received continuous good news. Ronaldo's citizenship meant Maria and their sons could stay in the United States. Brandon has access to essential medical care, and their older son, Rolando Jr., is preparing for his driver's license, considering college, and envisioning a brighter future.


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